Monday, January 25, 2010

How to find a job on Twitter

Recent studys have show that if you have been very busy and spending a lot of time on Twitter you probable need a job. So we have compiled the latest offerings to help you find a job right here on Twitter.

1. . or also know as
 This is a job search engine based on Twitter. There are hundreds of recruiters and companies out there on Twitter that a right now advertising for jobs. This site lets you search for jobs based on parameters. e.g you can search for executive job New York and it will list all the Tweets mentioning executive search based out ao NEw York. They also have a list of advertisers that have already been posting their jobs on the site

2. The latest tool that job hunters can use to find openings is called JobDeck, a new product from TwitJobSearch and TweetDeck, a desktop Twitter application.
TwitJobSearch scans Twitter for job postings by paying attention to the context in which employment-related keywords appear. For example, if a Tweet links to a story about the construction industry losing jobs, that should not show up on the list. If a Tweet says there is a job listing for an assistant to the vice president, the search engine needs to categorize it under openings for assistants, not vice presidents.
"If someone has 20 followers and they say, 'We're thinking of hiring a new sous-chef' and a link to the restaurant blog, their 20 friends would know," said William Fischer, co-founder of WorkDigital. "But somebody could come to our Web site, put in 'restaurant work Bay Area' and see it."

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