Friday, February 5, 2010

Astronauts to answer questions from Twitterverse.

NASA is wanting space buffs on Twitter to interact with their astronauts. 

Mike Massimino also known as Astro_Mike had asked the public to post live questions to him via his Twitter account till Feb 11, which he will take and reply to the crew aboard Space Shuttle Endeavor 

From his Twitter account. 
Send your ?s to me and I will ask the next shuttle crew while they are in space.

Officials at Kennedy Space Center said liftoff is go for 4:39 AM EST (9:39 AM GMT, 1:39 AM PST), with an 80 per cent chance of good weather early sunday morning on Feb 7th.

During their stay, NASA is inviting stay-at-home space cadets to send questions for the Endeavour crew via Twitter and have them answered live from space.

Astronaut Mike Massimino will be accepting questions for the STS-130 mission crew through his Twitter account, astro_Mike, until Thursday, February 11.
At 8:24 AM GMT (12:24 AM PST) Thursday, Massimino will host a live 20-minute web event from his console at Mission Control, where he'll ask the Endeavour astronauts as many submitted and live questions "as practical." The shuttle will be docked to the station during the Q&A session, which will be aired live on the NASA TV website.

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