Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Santa to call your family and friends

Google has a very cleaver and friendly new web app -- Send A Call From Santa. The way it works is like this -- you enter the name of a friend, family member or your home number. Then tell Santa who he needs to call and how you like to address the person. You can use a funny nick name or choose some funny names from the choices provided. You can use this app to send a Santa call to your kids. Anyway so you fill in a few details to personalize the call -- like favorite food etc and then go ahead and click call. If the person is somewhere near you, you can watch the surprise on their face. A great app for some Christmas fun, you can also send a personal message on Google+ and email. The calls happen only during US daylight hours and cannot be made during the night. Maybe to deter pranksters from disturbing people at all hours of the night.

Get Santa to call a friend or family memeberThe App is not meant only for kids but for adults as well. That's why there are so many options to personalize the call. When adding your personalizations remember that when Santa asks you what food do i like to eat. You answer is the one that Santa will be using during the call. Go go ahead and give it a while and add a comment below if you find it fin.

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