Thursday, December 20, 2012

Facebook Lock Icon: Privacy Shortcuts and settings

Logging in to Facebook users have a new icon on their home page -- the Lock Icon. Clicking on the lock icon you will be presented with a drop-down which in turn leads to three quick privacy settings and every Facebook user needs quick access to. 1. Who can see my stuff 2. who can contact me 3. How do I stop someone from bothering me. These three privacy settings is what Facebook have added to the lock icon and clicking on the icon takes you to these shortcuts where you can quickly and easily adjust these settings. The other way around might be a little difficult for some users. Also keep track of all the privacy settings on Facebook can by quite irksome. So click on the Lock icon and see for yourself these quick privacy shortcuts to a better Facebook experience.

Facebook lock Icon - Privacy ShortcutsHow to use the Lock Icon privacy shortcuts.
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on the lock icon
3. Click on who can see my stuff
From here you can adjust the following privacy options
Who can see my future posts
Where can i review all my posts and things I'm tagged it - This is something found on your 'Activity Log' on your Timeline
Who can contact me - Basic and Strict filtering. Basic would be friends and people you might know. Strict would be only friends -- This would mean you miss messages coming into your Inbox from people you actually might know.
Who can send me friend requests Everyone or only friends of friends
How do I stop someone from bothering me - use this option to block people

The lock icon will appear only on your profile and not on profiles of your friends when you go to their profile to post on their timeline. The Lock Icon will appear only to me in that sense. These useful quick shortcuts are what many users might find interesting and useful

How to access these settings if there is no Lock Icon on your profile
1. Click on the gear icon on the top of your Facebook Profile
2. From the drop-down choose privacy settings
3. Now choose privacy again

Video below for the visuals

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