Thursday, December 20, 2012

Find out places to visit in a new city using Google

There is a new feature on Google and it's being called 'Points of Interest'. What this new feature essentially does is that if you're going to a new city or country or continent -- you can type into Google. Things to do in New York. Once done and you press enter you can then find a whole list of things to do, places to visit and all the tourist attractions available in that city. Once you see all the results you can then click on a place to visit and Google will provide all the relevant links below the picture. Essentially when you enter your search query there is a ticker banner with photos of places. You can use the right and left arrows t browse through the complete list. Once you've decided on the places you would like to see - click on the image and find all relevant links below.

Find out places to visit in a new city using GoogleAn excellent tool for people who are travelling, it saves time and energy researching the place. Enter your query 'Things to do in city-name' and get the top list of tourist attractions available in a city or country. A must have tip for travelers and in addition to relevant links you also get directions to travel to that place, phone number, address and visiting hours. There is also a link to Google Reviews if you would like to see the score and reviews of that place.

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