Thursday, December 20, 2012

#EndOfTheWorldConfession trending on Twitter

Well, it is already the 21st in Australia and users on Reddit have already started creating memes about it. Once meme says what the f^%$ would the Mayans go by Australian time. There have also been a lot of Tweets regarding the 21st having already landed in Australia. One thing for sure whether the world ends or not time for confessions on Twitter. End Of The World Confessions is now a trending topic on Twitter and people are sharing their confessions, some of which are absolutely hilarious. The trend has also answered the question 'who let the dogs out? which has become a top trending tweet. So here are a few tweets that.

Doomsday cat on end of world 21/12/2012

Image Credit: Doomsday cat is a little too late by redditor hummy_Seed

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