Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How to add a Watermark to Windows Live Movie Maker

If you PC or device is a Windows machine and you like to make videos to upload to YouTube or other sites like Facebook. Windows Live Movie maker is easy to use and can be create to create your movie. You can add and join movies together, add pics, text and music and there you have it an original movies created by you. Once your movie is ready for upload, you would like to give yourself credit for the whole thing. One of the ways is to the 'credits' feature at the end of your movie and upload it. Another way is to add a watermark to your entire movie. This way credit will always remain in your name. If you are uploading the movie to YouTube then you can add your username to the watermark. A watermark is something that stays constant at the bottom of your screen throughout the entire movie. So if you want to watermark the movies and films you create using Windows Live Movie Maker -- here is a simple way to do it.

Adding a watermark to your video or film using Windows Live Movie maker.

Windows Live Movie Maker Watermark1. Open Windows Live Movie Maker
2. Click on Add Videos and Photos
3. Choose the video and click on open
4. Your video is now open in WLMM
5. Now Click on Captions
6. Enter the text you want displayed
7. Now enter text duration - this will have to be entered in seconds and cover the entire length of your video.
8. You find 'text Duration' under 'Text Tools'.
8. Set the length in seconds and hit 'Save' and you're done.

Check the video below for the visuals

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