Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I sit here in New York City, typing an opinion blog on my Macbook in my newest pair of high heels. How Carrie Bradshaw of me? No, it is not a coincidence. Many times I find myself saying “What Would Carrie Do?” My desire to emulate the characters of Sex and the City and other real life celebrities is evident in my purchases, and not simply pairs of Manolo Blahniks, but also my mobile devices and the accompanying applications.

How many times are pictures captured of celebrities checking out their IPhones while sitting in a coffee shop on the streets of LA or NYC? Are they simply texting? Often not. My guess is they are updating their Twitter, or uploading a picture on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian on TiwtterI made a Twitter account in 2011 but only after my roommate twisted my arm. I followed a few friends initially but when I found that I could follow some of my favorite celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, my use of the app skyrocketed. Now I tweet like a madwoman and cannot go a half hour without checking in on what Justin Timberlake has to say. Many of my friends do not like to tweet but have an account solely to follow all their favorite athletes, actors and musicians. With Twitter, we are in real time with these celebrities, as if we know them personally.

My obsession with being in the know of celebrity news not only influenced my download of Twitter but of Instagram. I am sure Rihanna wouldn’t have accepted my Facebook friend request, but with Instagram I am able to see all her wild photographs and feel as though we are friends! This constant documentation of our lives via photographs gives us the feeling of being a celebrity. It’s as though we have our own paparazzi, photoshop included.

Many apps can help create a celebrity life lifestyle. For instance, with the UrbanDaddy app, I can put in that I am in SoHo with three of my girlfriends and we want drinks. UrbanDaddy can give us suggestions of some great bars in the area. POOF, I am reenacting a recurring scene in Sex and the City. A Manhattan anyone?

And your smart device can help you look like a celebrity too. Major retailers like Bloomingdales and Nordstrom have apps. Now I can purchase that outfit inspired by Victoria Beckham right from the palm of my hand.

The use of mobile technology to feed our celebrity addiction is not just limited to females and clothes. Think of all the guys who download the ESPN app to be in the know of all their favorite teams and athletes. ScoreCenter has them looking at their phones for constant updates.

I am not saying the only reason we have and use smart devices is because celebrities do. Many of us use them to help in our normal daily lives and at work. But it is undeniable that television and celebrities are a huge marketing tool for the tech world. Why do you think so many of them are in commercials for these devices? We value the opinion of our celebs and that includes what apps they are using now!

Guest post  by Shannon Kelly.

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