Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to find a good job after being fired

Jobs are hard to come by and loosing a job can be pretty heartbreaking. There is however no point in sitting and feeling discouraged - there are things you can do about it. There have been many people who have lost their job but found a totally different career path in a different field. You can think of changing industries, redoing your résumé and a whole lot of other activities. One of the best suggestions I have come across and I have personally been helped by is this. Start developing your other latent talents that might have been lying around. Employers are always on the look out for multi-talented people. We are aware that you need to find a job that is your passion and something that you have been dreaming of. Things might not always work out like that. Sometimes your other talents and skills might actually land you the job of a lifetime, and if not at least a job to carry on with.

what to do after you loose you jobWhere to start looking?

You might want to start with your hobbies and talents. There may be something you have a great deal of interest in, but never dedicated any time to follow-up with it. ow is the time to start developing your other varied talents. The inspiration needs to come from you and no matter what it is, it just might be the answer. Tough times call for improvisations and your interest just might land you, your next job. Let's just say that you know an awful lot about cars, you could try your hand at being a car salesman.

Why would companies hire people with multiple people

If you have more than one skill than you can put on your résumé -- it would mean you can do the job of more than one person and pitch in. It would mean that in discussions you opinion would matter as you know a lot more than just your own job. It would mean the company has someone with firsthand knowledge and experience.

Anything else to be done while waiting for a job?

Yes, grown your network, work on your résumé and wait patiently. Don't give up on your skills and keep working at it. This will also help you answer the question about time. So what have you been doing since you got laid off?. Will also make your résumé look better and prove to prospective employers that the person being hired is someone who knows how to make good use of time.


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