Thursday, January 24, 2013

How to clear your Facebook Timeline and Profile using Facewash

Facebook Graph Search is now slowly being rolled out to all users across Facebook.  Graph Search is Facebook search on steroids. You can search for just about anything and it doesn't have to be restricted to only what your friends' share. With Graph Search users can search for anything under the sun. If you've been sharing those posts and status updates in a moment or rage or anger. You know, those posts you don't want to be made available publicly. It's now time to clean out your Timeline and your posts -- get rid of all those posts that might show you in way that is really not you. especially posts that contain profanity. If you want to do this physically one-by-one. It could be a tedious task - thankfully there is a Facebook app for that.

Facewash is an app that will scan all your Facebook posts and status updates and remove all those posts that contain profanity and language you should not have used. This is something that is recommended before Facebook Graph Search is out in full swing.


How to clear your Facebook Timeline and PostsFacewash: How does it work
1. You will need to go to the app.
2. Allow it access to your Facebook profile. Also check the box when asked 'Access posts in your news feed.'.
3. Click start to begin the cleansing process
4. It will check your status updates, posts, photos, videos, likes and everything else.
5. You will receive message 'Clean' if all is well under each category.
6. If something is flagged based on keywords like 'butt' etc. It will be flagged and brought to your attention.
7. If the posts is something you do not want on your Timeline you can then delete it.
8. Makes things easier and quicker to find and remove.
9. There is also a search bar to find posts you might be looking for.
Click on Logout when you're done.

Give it a twirl and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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