Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Windows 8 Phone: How to take a screenshot

Windows phones have always lacked one basic functionality -- the ability to take screenshots. For years Windows phone users have been asking Microsoft for this capability. With Windows 8 it is very easy to take a screenshot and very useful to. It even works on a locked screen. So now there seems to be no trouble in taking screen captures with your windows 8 phone. You can take screenshots of games, apps and even settings. Anything that appears on your screen can be captured and stored. So here is how to take a screenshot on your Windows 8 phone. HTC, Nokia or Samsung -- works just the same.

Windows 8 phone: How to take a screenshotHow to take a screenshot on a Windows 8 phone
1. Press the start and power buttons simultaneously.
2. A small flash and a shutter noise will appear with the message -- 'saving to screenshots'
3. The picture is stored in the 'Screenshots Album', you can access this album by tapping on photos. Access your photos and find the album

If you need the visuals, pls check the video below

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