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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Microsoft to open Windows retail stores within Best Buy

Microsoft have announced a retail store-within-a-store partnership with Best Buy. They will be opening 500 stores across the U.S and 100 stores in Canada. No news however on whether this will also move to other Best Buy locations in other countries. The concept announced is quite a strategic one. In addition to having separate space within Best Buy locations (up to 2,200 square feet), Windows devices will be featured prominently throughout the shop. Not content will growing this partnership offline, an online version of stores will also be available. The stores will features the whole range of Microsoft products from Windows 8 devices to phones, PCs, tablets, XBox and more.

Microsoft Retail StoreWhen consumers walk into any one of these stores they will be greeted with a full display, and the entire range of Microsoft products. The company wants consumers to get acquainted with the entire range of product offerings from Microsoft, a move that has been praised by analysts. This is not an entirely new concept as it has already been done by companies like Apple and Samsung. This will be a first for Microsoft though. To show their commitment, they have announced that 1,200 new employees will be taken on-board, to make sure consumers get the best customer service experience. As Xbox Smartglass and SkyDrive will be on display for consumers to know more about and get a first-hand experience with. Windows 8 PCs and tablets have not really gained market traction as Microsoft had hoped. This is a new concept for them and just might bring in the added revenue the company hopes to create.

Check out their video below

Source: Windows Blog - Best Buy's online ad of the same here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to search for photos in Windows 8 using PhotoWhirl

Windows 8 or RT is the new windows OS and with it comes many uses. One being the ability to search of photos online which have been geotagged. Photos shared online through popular photo sharing sites like Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and 500px automatically add location details unless turned off by the person uploading and sharing these images. If you are a photography enthusiast and like to find photos associated with a certain place that PhotoWhirl app for Windows 8 and RT is the app for you. With it you can search through services like Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and 500px to find images and photos associated with a particular location.

Search for photos with geolocation on Windows 8Photowhirl: How does it work.
You simply download the App on your Windows 8 device -- PC, Tablet or Mobile
Open the app and select the photo-sharing service you want to use.
So if you select Flickr all photo are loaded on a map.
Click on the location you want to search and find all associated photos and images.

So when starting out on your next photography adventure -- use PhotoWhirl to find all photos uploaded from a particular place. This way it helps your research and helps guide you to the best photography spots. Get inspiration from other photographers before you begin your trip.

Get PhotoWhirl now at the Windows 8 Store.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Windows 8 Phone: How to take a screenshot

Windows phones have always lacked one basic functionality -- the ability to take screenshots. For years Windows phone users have been asking Microsoft for this capability. With Windows 8 it is very easy to take a screenshot and very useful to. It even works on a locked screen. So now there seems to be no trouble in taking screen captures with your windows 8 phone. You can take screenshots of games, apps and even settings. Anything that appears on your screen can be captured and stored. So here is how to take a screenshot on your Windows 8 phone. HTC, Nokia or Samsung -- works just the same.

Windows 8 phone: How to take a screenshotHow to take a screenshot on a Windows 8 phone
1. Press the start and power buttons simultaneously.
2. A small flash and a shutter noise will appear with the message -- 'saving to screenshots'
3. The picture is stored in the 'Screenshots Album', you can access this album by tapping on photos. Access your photos and find the album

If you need the visuals, pls check the video below

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcut Keys List

Windows 8 Modern UI has been released and if anything, it needs a little bit of getting used to. As with any Windows OS there is always a list of Shortcut keys. These help you to perform a list of actions that makes life on Windows 8 easier. To get started the Windows key is one of the most important and pressing or tapping the Windows key along with a combination of other key will help you navigate Windows 8 faster. So if you're using a keyboard along with your Windows 8 device here are some important shortcuts to help you navigate.

Here are a few hotkeys to help you get started
Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

Find the complete list here at, there is also an extensive list available at and Windows 8 official list of Keyboard Shortcuts. Please find below a few more shortcuts with explanations as provided by Cnet.

windows 8 keyboard shortcuts some more

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Facebook App for Windows 8 - Facebook Touch

Facebook does not have a native Facebook app for Windows 8. In fact even if they do build one, it's going to take some time. Facebook and Microsoft have a comfortable relationship and it therefore is comes as a complete surprise that Facebook are not going to building a native app for Windows 8, this according to VentureBeat. So there's no telling how this is going to turn-out. Maybe Facebook is secretly building a Facebook App and if that is not the case maybe Microsoft will build one. Whatever maybe the outcome if you want the FB experience on Windows 8 -- Facebook Touch might be the App to go with. With Facebook Touch you get the whole Windows 8 and Windows RT experience. Facebook Touch can be downloaded onto your PC, Tablet or other device and brings the Facebook experience to Windows 8 devices.

Facebook App for Windows 8The app comfortable brings the touch experience to Windows 8 devices and also brings all Facebook features that users are familiar with. You have Chat, Timeline, Notifications and all other features found on the web version of Facebook. The app is free to download and use and is pretty good on Windows 8 tablets and other devices. So if you need a Facebook App or your Windows 8 phone or tablet give Facebook Touch a whirl and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Download Facebook Touch app for Windows 8 here. Image via Addictive Tips

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

BoxCryptor for Windows 8: Encrypt and store your files in Microsoft Skydrive

BoxCryptor is one of those service which is a must use thing especially if you want to encrypt and store your cloud files. If you are a regular user of DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft's Skydrive. This is one service you need to find useful if you're storing sensitive data in the clouds. By encrypting and storing a file you can be assured your privacy and safety are protected. We have previously written about BoxCryptor and its many benefits --  now that it is ready for Windows 8 and Windows RT. The app is available to download for free and once you download and install the app -- it is quiet easy to setup and run. Giving you an extra level of protections for all your Windows 8 files, you are going to store in SkyDrive.

BoxCryptor for Windows RTOnce you have your files stored securely -- you can then download the same files decrypt and use them as you normally would. Decryption happens locally on your system. BoxCryptor for Windows 8 is available for free and can also be used on Surface and other tablets running Windows RT.

BoxCryptor for Windows 8 and Windows RT

Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to upgrade to Windows 8 [Guide]

Windows 8 is finally here and available to download and install for $39.99 - for the Windows 8 professional edition. If you are currently running Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP on your PC, you can now upgrade to Windows 8. You can either upgrade to Windows 8 online or order the DVD. Your internet connection will need to download the 2.05 GB Windows Installer. Once you're ready with all of this, you can begin your upgrade to Windows 8. You will now be required to go to the Windows 8 Microsoft site and scroll all the way down and click on on the Get Windows 8 link. You can now download Windows 8 pro for $39.99 or get it shipped to you for $69.99.
How to upgrade to Windows 8Now that you're ready
1. Download and run the upgrade assistant program by going here or directly from here. This program will run a check on your system and tell you what software programs are not compatible. Once you're satisfied that all is right, you can go ahead and click the upgrade link from right within the installer.
2. You can now either pay via credit card or paypal.
3. A copy of your order and serial number is sent top your mail ID
4. Once your payment goes through the 2GB installer will start downloading.
5. You can either save the program on a USB drive or disc to run and install later
6. If there are any conflicting programs Windows 8 will let you know.
7. Once all conflicts are removed Windows 8 will install.All your Windows 8 files are stored in C:ESDWindowsSources folder.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Windows 8 Themes ready for Download

With Windows 8 now available both online and offline. Microsoft have released an all new set of themes that are compatible with Windows 8 and Windows RT. These are available as galleries and can be downloaded for free, setup in your PC or device have have stunning images as your screen background -- adding light and life to your daily routine. One of the benefits of using a Theme is that you don't have the same desktop background picture everyday. It changes and the images available in all themes are absolutely stunning. Sure to make your pals jealous. A Windows theme typically consists or background images, window colors and sounds. Clicking on details below each theme will let you preview the themes images. Once you decide on the theme you want click the download button and then click button. The theme will automatically install itself on your PC or device and is ready to 8 themes download

Download Windows 8 themes here

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skype for Windows 8 now available for download

Windows 8 store now has the Skype App available for download and use. It was supposed to become available only on the 26th. Microsoft however have done a good job and made the app available already. Once you install the Skype app on your Windows 8 device, it runs in the background and is not a drain on your battery. The App also has Snap so you can snap it into a corner and work on other apps in the foreground. To sign-in you can do so with your Hotmail, Live or Outlook account and then merge your Microsoft and Skype accounts together. Get all your contacts in once place and continue enjoying Skype. Your contact lists will show your Microsoft and Skype contacts together. Skype credits can be used as your are normally used to. Skype for Windows 8 is also compatible with windows RT.Download Skype for Windows *

Download Skype for Windows 8 now

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Windows 8 Training Videos

With the release of Windows 8 just days away. New training videos have surfaced on the internet. Meant for its associates to gain mastery over the new OS and be able to teach and train new customers on the same. Microsoft are now showing a different attitude when it comes to its new products. Something that users did not have in previous releases. Social Media seems to have changed the game totally. Many bloggers and websites who have been covering Windows 8 and how to use it have always maintained that navigating the new operating system can be quiet tricky. In fact it really needs to a bit of getting used to before users will be able to operate it effortlessly. With Windows 8 users can use touchscreen to operate their desk

Windows 8 Start Screen

top tiles like email and news. users can also swipe through the interface to access their various apps. Apps on Windows 8 can also be used simultaneously. The main start screen is also highly customizable and someone new to Windows 8 might be helped along with a little bit of training.

Windows 8 Videos: make it your own
The videos take you through the start screen and how to pin and unpin from the main screen. Clicking on a pin will start an app and right clicking will bring up options. Windows 8 comes with a lot of Facebook integration and makes sharing easy. The videos also guide users through the new touchscreen interface. Check the videos out below and let us know what you think.

Source: Neowin

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Use Start8 if you're wondering how to get back the start button in Windows 8

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview is available now and comes with a huge disappointment to any Windows User. And this has to do with the 'Start Button' and the 'Shut Down' button that all Windows users have gotten used to. Without the Start Button any Windows user will feel lost and will not know where to start his or her experience from. Start8 will add a start button and a few other features that are missing in the new consumer preview. It also comes with the ability to change the way your start screen button looks. This way you can configure it to look the way you want it to. This app comes to you from Stardock and is available as a free download. 

So what are the features of the App
1. Adds a Start button to Windows 8
2. Search your installations quicker
3. You get the old Run option via right-click
4. You can shutdown via right-click option
5. Can also choose a custom start button image

So if you have Windows 8 Consumer preview on your PC you can get the App by providing you email id and receiving a link to start your download and get that old comfort feel back.

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Windows 8: How to shut down or restart

Image Credit: ZDnet

Microsoft have released Windows 8 and is now available for public testing. This consumer preview which is now available lets people install and experiment with the new OS. We had written a post earlier announcing how Windows 8 does away with the start button that all Windows users are used to. So mundane tasks that you were used to like shutting down or restarting your system has now gotten a whole lot different and you would now need to follow the below steps to coax the new OS to shut down.

Windows 8: How to shut down or restart
1. Take your mouse to the lower right-hand corner of the screen
2. Hover there and you will get the on-screen menu tab
3. Click on settings
4. Next click on the power button
5. Now click on 'Shut Down' or 'Restart'
6. You're done

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Windows 8 will not have a Start button

Microsoft's latest build of Windows 8 will come without a start button. User should be prepared to not have that handy start button that users have gotten used to. Build 8220 will be the final version before the Beta release, now know as the Consumer Preview debuts before the end of this month. This according to a report by 'The Verge'. Users of Windows are familiar with the start button located at the lower left-hand corner of the screen. Clicking on this button would give users the options to open files and folders, Apps and a general path into he heart of their PCs.

The Start button was introduced with with Windows 95 nearly 15 years ago and the new 'Windows 8 Consumer Preview' will do away with it. Pics of the build were leaked on the internet and show a super-bar without the Start Button Orb. According to sources close to The Verge the start button corner will now have something called a hot corner. Hovering with your mouse or swiping with your fingers will bounce you back and forth between the Metro UI and desktop mode. The 'Super bar' first introduced with Windows 7 will remain. With its ability to pin desktop apps.
Source: The Verge 

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