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Monday, November 4, 2013

Get all your Retail Circulars and Coupons from Retale

Retale is a mobile and web app designed to get you all your coupons and circulars in one place. Launched in the US just i time for the holiday shopping season; Retale is just the kind of App you need to organize and find the best retail deals closest to you.  The way the app works is that based on your Geolocation it collects and finds circulars and coupons from your favorite retails nearest to you. The app also shows you the physical location of the store with its opening and closing times. This way you can plan and get your shopping done at a time that's most convenient to you.

Online Coupons and CircularsThe App's layout is beautiful, clean and easy to navigate. based on your location you can see all the coupons just like in the newspapers -- except this is in 2D. So instead of reading through the newspapers or other magazines and cutting out your Sunday Coupons and taking it to the store. Find the latest coupons and circulars on the app, save the coupon to redeem later by mobile device or printing them at home.

Users can also create Alerts to be notified about the latest coupons and circulars and be notified when they become available. Since it's all happening online, you can also access video, direct links to product pages and clip-able coupons. The app also helps you share these deals with you friends on Social Media. The App is available for both Mobile and PC. The app is brought to you by the Bonial International Group.

Check out Retale now.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Microsoft to open Windows retail stores within Best Buy

Microsoft have announced a retail store-within-a-store partnership with Best Buy. They will be opening 500 stores across the U.S and 100 stores in Canada. No news however on whether this will also move to other Best Buy locations in other countries. The concept announced is quite a strategic one. In addition to having separate space within Best Buy locations (up to 2,200 square feet), Windows devices will be featured prominently throughout the shop. Not content will growing this partnership offline, an online version of stores will also be available. The stores will features the whole range of Microsoft products from Windows 8 devices to phones, PCs, tablets, XBox and more.

Microsoft Retail StoreWhen consumers walk into any one of these stores they will be greeted with a full display, and the entire range of Microsoft products. The company wants consumers to get acquainted with the entire range of product offerings from Microsoft, a move that has been praised by analysts. This is not an entirely new concept as it has already been done by companies like Apple and Samsung. This will be a first for Microsoft though. To show their commitment, they have announced that 1,200 new employees will be taken on-board, to make sure consumers get the best customer service experience. As Xbox Smartglass and SkyDrive will be on display for consumers to know more about and get a first-hand experience with. Windows 8 PCs and tablets have not really gained market traction as Microsoft had hoped. This is a new concept for them and just might bring in the added revenue the company hopes to create.

Check out their video below

Source: Windows Blog - Best Buy's online ad of the same here.