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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Microsoft to open Windows retail stores within Best Buy

Microsoft have announced a retail store-within-a-store partnership with Best Buy. They will be opening 500 stores across the U.S and 100 stores in Canada. No news however on whether this will also move to other Best Buy locations in other countries. The concept announced is quite a strategic one. In addition to having separate space within Best Buy locations (up to 2,200 square feet), Windows devices will be featured prominently throughout the shop. Not content will growing this partnership offline, an online version of stores will also be available. The stores will features the whole range of Microsoft products from Windows 8 devices to phones, PCs, tablets, XBox and more.

Microsoft Retail StoreWhen consumers walk into any one of these stores they will be greeted with a full display, and the entire range of Microsoft products. The company wants consumers to get acquainted with the entire range of product offerings from Microsoft, a move that has been praised by analysts. This is not an entirely new concept as it has already been done by companies like Apple and Samsung. This will be a first for Microsoft though. To show their commitment, they have announced that 1,200 new employees will be taken on-board, to make sure consumers get the best customer service experience. As Xbox Smartglass and SkyDrive will be on display for consumers to know more about and get a first-hand experience with. Windows 8 PCs and tablets have not really gained market traction as Microsoft had hoped. This is a new concept for them and just might bring in the added revenue the company hopes to create.

Check out their video below

Source: Windows Blog - Best Buy's online ad of the same here.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Deals: Get a 32GB HP TouchPad For $149 at Best Buy

Best Best have made an announcement, starting Nov 1, customers are being offered a bundle deal. The tablet was originally priced at $599 but dropped to $100 during a fire sale. HP had decided to move away from the tablet business. But the way the $99 flew out the window made HP change its mind. There has been a lot of interest in the HP TouchPad with it being a decent enough device and at a low cost it makes a lot of sense. The Best Buy offer will be available from Nov 1 and these are the details. You will be able to get a HP TouchPad for $149 provided you buy a HP or Compaq Laptop, Desktop or All-in-One computer1.  Customers can get this deal online at, it will also be available at all Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile standalone stores across the US.

You would wonder where all these devices are coming from. Since the fire sale you would think that there were not many devices left lying around. Turns out there are and are being used in the pre-holiday season sale. We are sure to get to see a lot more deals and offers coming our way from tablet makes. As tables will turn out to be the hottest selling item this holiday season. 

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Thursday, May 20, 2010


BREAKING NEWS APPLE MAGICALLY REVERSES NO-CASH POLICY AND NO EMBRACES CASH STRATEGY MODEL said it would allow cash at any of its stores as long as customers agreed to setup their Apple IDs at the store. Senior VP for retail Ron Johnson said he called Campbell personally he also promised Apple deliver her iPad for free with case, for her trouble.
Apple Store No-Cash Policy on iPad Magical Experience No Cash Credit Card or Debit Card Required. pple no-cash policy for iPad make sure to bring credit card to Apple Store they don't take cash and they swipe the card on their iPhone and if you want a receipt they pull it out from under the table at the end like magic limit 2 ipads per customer. It was a revolutionary and magical experience, Best Buy, they take cash

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