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Friday, March 27, 2015

Police Burn 3.3-Ton Pile Of Cannabis And Get An Entire Town High

Yes, this really did happen. In West Jakarta, Indonesia. Police accidentally burned a 3.3 ton, pile of marijuana just outside their office. People in-face reported to the police station reporting headaches and dizziness when in fact they were high. Want more proof: take a look at the video below and feel free to laugh along. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show

Yes, it's official John Stewart will be leaving the daily show. It has also been confirmed by comedy central. No news yet on what he plans to do after that and no, the Daily Show will now close down once he leaves. Official statement can be found below. Read more here.

Monday, November 14, 2011


This comes as breaking news and is also deemed to have been done by vandals. A copper sword resting atop Abraham Lincoln's final resting place has been stolen. The last time that same sword was stolen was in 1890, over 100 years ago. There are been no security guard at the place during the night for a lack of funds. it must have been stolen during the night as during the day one of the workers would have noticed. The sword has been broken off at the handle. 

The statue is located on the tomb's balcony and which is actually closed to visitors. The rest of the statue has been left unharmed and authorities say they plan to fix the statue. 

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video: Dramatic NYPD Rescue at 30 Rockefeller Plaza

A man who has been threatening to jump from the observation deck roof at 30 Rockerfeller plaza has been rescued. A 23 yeal old man was sitting on the the ledge of a concrete pillar was threatening to jump off. Has however been persuaded not to by members of the NYPD's elite Rescue team. The video shows footage of the dramatic rescue. The man was sitting on the ledge of a concrete Pillar in the southeast corner of the 70th floor deck. An employee of NBC which is housed in the same same building has Tweeted a photo of the incident.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did Wikileaks, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube bring about Tunisia's revolution

Story so far: Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, the Tunisian leader who fled the country after more than 23 years of dictatorship rule, may have fallen because of WikiLeaks and Facebook and the whole social media revolution.  This is what the Telegraph has to say "Mr Ben Ali may also have been the first victim of Wikileaks. Cables by an American ambassador giving colourful descriptions of the lives of luxury pursued by his family, and the business empire it controlled, were eagerly emailed around the country, despite a repressive system of censorship.

Descriptions by other ambassadors of other leaders' political and personal attitudes have not been much less graphic.

On the plus side, protesters also seemed to understand that despite the deaths of scores of rioters, there were limits to how far modern leaders could go in maintaining their rule by force. Maybe that was also a lesson of the crushing of Saddam Hussein, who knew no such limits, by George Bush and Tony Blair.

Protesters have now taken to Social Media to share the latest happenings in Tunisia. Facebook pages have been created, Tweets on Twitter have started flying and YouTube has videos on the riots and protests in Tunsia. t's really nice to see how far dictators can go in a modern world. Well, not too much, as we can see from the way events are headed.

Tweets from Twitter.
Tonight We Are All Tunisian #SidiBouzid #Tunisia

Deadly riots engulf Tunisia as interim leader sworn in

LA Times has this to say:
As such, the Internet has been the largest source of documentation of the protests, much of it provided  by the demonstrators themselves, despite Tunisia's strict censorship of the Web.

Of course, given the nature of the Internet, information about the protests can range from propaganda to earnest documentation of the reality on the streets, and a critical, skeptical eye is needed to intelligently take in the flood and diversity of reports online.

The blog NDItech DemocracyWorks remarked on the situation, writing that despite remarkable levels of censorship the protesters "have been assisted by external online activists, notably the collective known as Anonymous. Allies of the regime have reportedly engaged equally enthusiastically, utilizing phishing, censoring, and hacking against activists."


[Images Credit: LA Times]

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FarmVille Level 70 - 90

For all your experienced farmers in FarmVille. Think you reached the end of the road think again. FarmVille has just released level 70 to 90. There are a number of players who have already reached level 70 in FarmVille given the amount of time and dedication they provide to the game. They really have reason to rejoice right now with another 20 levels being added to the game.

This comes as a huge gift and a bonus. along with the new levels farmers can now get some very special gifts crops and items. Some players who have been at level 70 for a long time have gained enough XP to level faster after 70. Also some players have been getting about 20 Farm Cash for leveling. 

Along with the extra 20 levels FarmVille has also released more free Gifts, Crops, Mystery Box, Birthday Items, Limited Edition Tiki Items and wheat. 

Free Gifts:

  • Mango Tree (level 40)

  • Azaleas (level 50)

  • Ginkgo Tree (level 60)

  • Floral Container (level 70)

  • Mangrove (level 80)

  • Dutch Rabbit (level 90)

Permanent Items:

  • Saddleback Pig (level 35) - 300,000 Coins

  • Wind Turbine (level 45) - 1,500,000 Coins

  • Arapawa Goat (level 55) - 500,000 Coins

  • Silo Home (level 65) - 1,000,000 Coins

  • Belted Cow (level 75) - 1,000,000 Coins


  • Lemon Balm (level 50)

  • Oats (level 53)

  • Posole Corn (level 54) – Requires Corn to be mastered before it can be unlocked.

  • Bamboo (60)

  • Saffron (64)

Mystery Box:

A new Mystery Box is now available in the market for 16 Farm Cash!

Birthday Items:

  • Animal Balloons - 7 Farm Cash

  • Birthday Cake - 9 Farm Cash

Limited Edition Tiki Items:

  • Hula Pig - 14 Farm Cash

  • Surf Shack - 18 Farm Cash

  • Mini Beach - 16 Farm Cash

  • Trailer& Ski's - 14 Farm Cash

  • Surfboard I - 10000 Coins

  • Surfboard II -10000 Coins

Additional Information:

The Wheat crop has been changed. Please find the new information below:


Hours: 12
XP: 1
Cost: 13
Yield: 61
Mastery: 500, 1500, 3000

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Video: iPhone4 How to Pre-Order iPhone 4 G HD

iPhone4 How to Pre-Order Apple iPhone 4 G HD On JUNE 15, 2010 Now you can pre-order iPhone 4G HD through Apple Best Buy and Radio Shack All available for pre-order Tomorrow on 6/15/2010. The you can pick up at any of these vendors on the Apple iPhone4 Launch Date on JUNE 24, 2010. Wal Mart will also offer the iPhone 4 on June 24 at Most Wal Mart Locations.

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Zynga running a Windows Phone 7 promotion on Treasure Isle

You can now earn two Island Cash for free in Treasure Isle. This is an exclusive Windows Phone 7 promotion and is available to US residents only. Once you open Treasure Isle click on the Sponsored like below to enter the campaign. Once you click on that like you are then taken to a page that has three questions running alongside a Windows Phone 7 Ad. You need to choose a question after which you are taken to the official Windows Phone 7 page where you would need to click the "Like" button and thats it you get 2 free Island Cash. This is definitely not going to go down well with international players. They get to enter the promotion and all but will not get the 2 free Island Cash.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Video & Photos: Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City

Social Media is abuzz with the photos and videos of the Giant Sinkhole created by Tropical storm Agatha in Guatemala city. The Sinkhole is already trending on Twitter's worldwide trending topics. 

Sinkholes are created by flooding and landslides and Guatemala has been flooded with huge landslides leaving residents searching for their homes cowered in slush. During the storm rivers burst their banks and hillsides disappeared. 

It has also been reported that a sinkhole appeared in the same area in 2007.

A three story building collapsed and fell into the enormous sinkhole. 

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