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Thursday, August 24, 2017

PDF to Word Converter (Mobile Apps)

89% of smartphone users spend their time using mobile apps, according to stats found here. Productivity apps are definitely one of the most wanted category among users, because such apps can help you solve different work-related or school-related issues, such as note taking, sending emails, collaboration with your colleagues, document management, creating invoices and similar.

One such app that falls into this category is PDF to Word Converter. Its name speaks for itself- it converts PDF files to Word which basically means the app enables editing data saved in a PDF form, by turning it into a document format that is far easier to edit and manipulate.

General Specifications of the App

PDF to Word Converter can be download on both Android and iOS platform and these are the requirements:

  • Android version 4.1 or later
  • iOS version 9.0 or later
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
  • Also compatible with any Android smartphone and tablet device

PDF to Word Features

With this app you can convert native and scanned PDF documents to Word. The app is free and there are no limits on the file size or the number of converted files. Although, there are some in-app purchases, the conversion quality is the same. In other words, if you use the free version you rely on the same conversion technology. Conversions are pretty accurate and very close to the original, but the result also depends on the original file quality. The only disadvantage of the free version is that you need to wait for one hour to get a converted file.

Once the file is converted, you will need to open it in MS Word app or any other app that opens Word files such as LibreOffice, Office Suite and others. With this app you will be able to edit text from the PDF documents and to reuse old invoices, resumes and other documents. By doing so, you will save a lot of time, because you won’t need to make a resume, an invoice or other business documents, from scratch.

PDF to Word also gives you an option to select a file that is stored on your cloud. For instance, if your file is stored on Dropbox, you can access Dropbox via PDF to Word Converter and choose the file you want to convert. Other cloud systems that are supported are: Gmail (only for iOS), Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, iCloud (iOS only). These cloud services used to be paid and now they are given for free.

To sum up, here are the features of PDF to Word Converter:
  • Converts scanned and native PDFs
  • Fast (paid version only, otherwise  you wait for 1 hour)and high quality conversions
  • Upload files directly from Gmail(only for iPhone), Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, iCloud (iOS only)
  • Batch conversion, convert multiple files at once (this is not a free option and it works only on Android)
  • You can rename the converted file (iOS only)
  • No limits on the size of the file, or the number of converted files

How does it work

Both Android and iOS version of PDF to Word Converter have very intuitive user interface. There are small differences between the user experience on Android smartphone or tablet and on iPhone or iPad. Check it out:

iOS user guide:
  • Start the app and select the file from the phone or from the cloud (iCloud, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive)
  • Tap on the file and the conversion will start

pdf to word how to.jpeg

Android user guide:

  • Tap on the plus button to add a file
  • Choose to add a file from the device or from the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive)
  • The conversion will start and you will be able to see the file converting



There are many PDF conversion apps available for mobile devices, but this one offers high quality technology, combined with the latest trends of cloud system availability and advanced OCR. It will help you finish your document management tasks and give you more time to do something more interesting.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Get all your Retail Circulars and Coupons from Retale

Retale is a mobile and web app designed to get you all your coupons and circulars in one place. Launched in the US just i time for the holiday shopping season; Retale is just the kind of App you need to organize and find the best retail deals closest to you.  The way the app works is that based on your Geolocation it collects and finds circulars and coupons from your favorite retails nearest to you. The app also shows you the physical location of the store with its opening and closing times. This way you can plan and get your shopping done at a time that's most convenient to you.

Online Coupons and CircularsThe App's layout is beautiful, clean and easy to navigate. based on your location you can see all the coupons just like in the newspapers -- except this is in 2D. So instead of reading through the newspapers or other magazines and cutting out your Sunday Coupons and taking it to the store. Find the latest coupons and circulars on the app, save the coupon to redeem later by mobile device or printing them at home.

Users can also create Alerts to be notified about the latest coupons and circulars and be notified when they become available. Since it's all happening online, you can also access video, direct links to product pages and clip-able coupons. The app also helps you share these deals with you friends on Social Media. The App is available for both Mobile and PC. The app is brought to you by the Bonial International Group.

Check out Retale now.