Thursday, November 1, 2012

How to upgrade to Windows 8 [Guide]

Windows 8 is finally here and available to download and install for $39.99 - for the Windows 8 professional edition. If you are currently running Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP on your PC, you can now upgrade to Windows 8. You can either upgrade to Windows 8 online or order the DVD. Your internet connection will need to download the 2.05 GB Windows Installer. Once you're ready with all of this, you can begin your upgrade to Windows 8. You will now be required to go to the Windows 8 Microsoft site and scroll all the way down and click on on the Get Windows 8 link. You can now download Windows 8 pro for $39.99 or get it shipped to you for $69.99.
How to upgrade to Windows 8Now that you're ready
1. Download and run the upgrade assistant program by going here or directly from here. This program will run a check on your system and tell you what software programs are not compatible. Once you're satisfied that all is right, you can go ahead and click the upgrade link from right within the installer.
2. You can now either pay via credit card or paypal.
3. A copy of your order and serial number is sent top your mail ID
4. Once your payment goes through the 2GB installer will start downloading.
5. You can either save the program on a USB drive or disc to run and install later
6. If there are any conflicting programs Windows 8 will let you know.
7. Once all conflicts are removed Windows 8 will install.All your Windows 8 files are stored in C:ESDWindowsSources folder.

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