Friday, May 17, 2013

10% of Facebook's users are not human - Dogs, Cats and Toasters.

Facebook did make their announcement that the site now has over 1 Billion users. Not so says couple of reports on the net. Quartz reports that more than 10% of all Facebook uses are dogs, cats and toasters. A whole lot of non-humans now have a Facebook profile. These may not be Facebook fan pages but actual profiles. Independent research says that Facebook will cross the 1 Billion mark only in 2014. With highest growth coming from India, Brazil, Russia and the Middle East.

ten percent of facebook users are not humans It's not enough that owners have Facebook profiles. Pets need their own profiles too, Facebook is free for everyone. So why for animals and inanimate objects like toasters and flowerpots. It's all a part of the game and the complete Facebook experience. The i Billion mark of register people however will only be crossed in another year. A lot of young users in the US and UK however might be leaving Facebook - this after parents started using the site. Teens considered that uncool. The above image is of James Haestad hansen - he's a dog.

Source: Quartz via DailyMail

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