Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 using Palm Motion

The new SmartPhone from Samsung the SGS4 is out and comes with some amazing features. The ability to tkae a screenshot or screen capture just got a whole lot easier with the S4. With a simple swip of your pal over the screen will take a screenshot of your home-screen and save it in the clipboard. To find all your screen-grabs, screen captures or screenshot all of which get saved to your clipbaord and can be accessed through the notifications bar. All of this available with just a motion of your palm.

Samsung Galaxy S4 how to take a screenshotHow to take a Screenshot or screen capture on the SamSung Galaxy S4.
1. You need to setup, turn on or enable Palm Motion
2. Go to settings
3. Motions and Gestures
4. activate Palm Motion
5. Now activate screen capture

Now all you need to do is with your palm fully open, swipe over the screen of your phone. And a screenshot is recorded. You can access all these screenshot through the clipboard.

Please check the video below if you want the visuals.

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