Monday, May 13, 2013

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Sings From Space - Space Oddity

Astronaut Chris Hadfield has done it again and this time has moved people to tears. A day before he returns to earth he posts a video on YouTube with him singing David Bowie's Space Oddity. David Bowie has heard it and has also like it. Chris Hadfield posted the song to Reddit under the videos section later and the comments just started rolling. With many a young users' interest in space and science being sparked again and older users being moved to tears. One user also commented on how this must be the most expensive music video ever produced.

Here's the tweet from Astronaut Chris Hadfield on the new song

David Bowie likes the song


Chris Hadfield sings Space Oddity in SpaceAstronaut Chris Hadfield Singing Space Oddity in Space - he also did and AMA on Reddit from Space and has also uploaded a music file titled 'What normal life sounds like in space'. He is all set to inspire an entire generation - read his post 9Space Oddity) on Reddit here.

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