Saturday, May 18, 2013

FormulaSheet lets you store all your formulas in one place

If you are a scientist, student, business owner, or someone who needs access to mathematical formulas. This is a webapp you will find most useful. FormulaSheet lets you create and store all your math formula in one place. Once your formulae are stored, they will be available to you anytime you want from anywhere. No need to go looking through sheets of paper you might have used or files stored somewhere on a computer.

Save Formulas OnlineFormulaSheet users a LaTeX interface for storing and using formulae. You can also browse through Wikipedia for formulae and use and store the same. The LaTeX interface gives you access to a large number of characters and symbols which are not often used. You can also use the calculator to solve for a variable you don't know. The LaTex is a powerful tool for both beginners and veterans. Once you got your formulas ready they can be seamlessly integrated into your posters or presentations.
Old LaTeX files can also be uploaded, which will be scanned for formulas. which can then be stored online and later used. Formulas can be organized into lists, which act like folders.  There are also sheets which allow you to combine formulas, diagrams and texts to create a master-sheet. All your work can also be shared with classmates and colleagues  So give it a while and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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