Saturday, May 18, 2013

May 19 - 25 is YouTube Comedy Week

YouTube have got non-other than Arnold Schwarzenegger to announce their comedy week. Starting Sunday May 19 is YouTube's comedy week. Get ready for the best of comedy from across all of YouTube's channels to be display in front of you. There will also be live shows, standup comedy, YouTube creators joining hands and collaborating and a whole bunch of fun stuff. There are a lot of sketches and mix-ups planned which is sure to be fun. In fact the first show is all ready to start in a few hours.

YouTube Comedy WeekOne of the best parts of comedy week even before it begins is the new  Arnold Schwarzenegger ad. He says he is the most masculine man on the planet, he also says he does not like machines and likes to kill predators. All very funny but you can expect to see some of the best talents on YouTube being showcased. We also hope YouTube will find the time to included some of the smaller channels as they also have some really neat content. So get ready for YouTube comedy week and please click the link below to watch.

Click here to watch YouTube Comedy Week

Check the Schwarzenegger ad below!

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