Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Digital Nomad - The new world traveller

Digital Nomads are the new world traveler. To summarize who is a Digital Nomad - someone who has learned to make their living off the internet to support themselves and their world travels. Much of this movement has been attributed to Tim Ferris and his book The 4 hour work week. With the internet presenting numerous opportunities to make money. There are many people who have hit upon ides to generate income and with that income take-off to see the world. The new wanderlust is self-supported and helps people who would like to have that kind of a lifestyle. There are many people who have been travelling around the world and paying for it through their entrepreneurship ideas on the internet. So the next time you see someone sitting in a coffee ship in Thailand and working away, it could be one of the Digital Nomads whoa re roaming the world. All they need is an internet connection and a business or idea that is generating money for them.

Digital NomadsSome of the jobs these Digital Nomad do while on travel it - blogging, Vlogging, webpage design, ebook writers, English teachers, professors, WordPress template designers and what not. This kind of a thing might not appeal to most people as there is a lot of loneliness involved. Staying away from friends and family is not for everyone. But for some this is a lifestyle choice and they seem to be happy. The added advantages are that you don't have a boss, work wherever you want and whenever you want.  There are many Digital Nomad communities on the internet to help all of them connect while travelling the globe.

The whole thing started after the financial crisis of 2008 with many people out of work. Some innovative people left their jobs and everything to pursue their dreams and out of that a whole new movement was born. There is a lot to learn and if you are someone who wants to pursue this kind of a life, there are many resources out there. The idea for this post came from Dave and Erin who did an AMA on Reddit here is a link to their site to help you know more. Please leave a comment below to continue this discussion. Photo courtesy of NomadSpirit.

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