Sunday, June 23, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 How to use Air Gestures

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has something called Air Gesture. When this function is turned on you can use your phone, without actually touching it. So if you want to change the music or look at pictures. You can do all this with just a wave in the air. Without having to physically touch your phone. With a swipe of you hand you can control your phone. So the next time when your phone rings - wave your hand over your phone to answer calls. Pretty cool feature - you would need to turn on Air Gesture to actually begin using it.

With Air Gesture comes
1. Air Jump - Scroll through webpages or email by moving your hand up or down over the censor
2. Air browse - move to next item by moving your hand left or right.
3. Air move - move icons from one screen to the other by holding down the icon with one hand and with the other move your hand left or right, to move icons between screens.
4. Air call-accept - start answering calls by moving your hand over the censor. When using this gesture the speaker-phone is activate. You can turn it off if you want.

samsung galaxy s4 air gesturesHow to turn on, enable or activate Air Gesture on the Samsung Galaxy S4.
1. Menu > Settings > My device > Motion and gestures
2. you can also pull down the notifications shade with two fingers and tap the Air gestures icon.

Turn on Air Gestures - video

Using Air gestures - video

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