Thursday, June 20, 2013

Facebook photo comments to spice up comment replies

Alright, we all know you love memes - they have a special way of communicating. So if you love memes and like to post pics and images in comment replies. You are going to love the new feature on Facebook, that allows users to post photos in their comment replies. This is not something new on the internet as many blogs already have this feature. In fact this is something that has really made sites like 4Chan and Reddit really popular. It was inevitable that Facebook would and should follow. This is going to be real fun and if you have a set of fun friends on Facebook. Be sure to watch the comment replies with all the meme pics that are going to be floating around. Reddit is a handy tool f you're looking for some fantastic comments on photo replies. Some of the meme's we have already featured like Bad Luck Brian, Overly attached girlfriend and come at me bro, can be found here.

facebook photo replies to commentsThis feature came about after a hackathon, and Facebook engineer Bob Boldwin said that a pic helps people tell a better story. You can add a photo but still no provision to use GIF images. So all you fans of animated images - would need to wait again.

How to attach a photo to a comment reply on Facebook
1. There is nothing to be activated.
2. Below the post you want to reply to with a comment.
3. There is a photo icon in the comment box
4. Click on it to use a photo from your device or one already uploaded to Facebook.

So go ahead and start using the new feature, expect to see a lot of cats and meme replies.

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