Thursday, June 20, 2013

Google Person Finder to help Uttarakhand flood victims

Large parts of northern India have been inundated by floods. Houses and people have been washed away. many of the places that have been effected by the floods and places of pilgrimages and many pilgrims have been stranded. The Indian Army has been called out to the worst effected ares in Uttarakhand, where 150 people have already lost their lives. A large number of pilgrims are reported to be trapped around the holy town of Kedarnath, located in Rudraprayag district. Flood related calamaties have also been reported in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Nepal. The actual shrine in Kedarnath is submerged in mud and slush.

google people finderGoogle Person Finder a project by have now launched a web application to help victims find their families and friends. Once you open the app you can either click on Looking for someone or I have information about someone. Enter their names and the information you have and it gets added to the database. People can search the database and find their loved ones. Please spread the word abut this web-app, and help people know there is a place to go and look.

Click here and use Google people finder to help a flood victim.

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