Thursday, October 30, 2014

These are the types computers used in movie and music piracy

Please click on image to expand. So if you're wondering how piracy of movies and music videos are done in counties where it's rampant. There is something called 'Cloning Towers'. What these are, are PCs setup for the sole purpose of burning DVDs and CDs. A pirate will buy an original movie and then rip it and mass burn it using these towers. Use one of these towers and in 30 minutes you have 8 clones. You can see some of the CD trays are open. This is because after cloning the discs, the trays will open to make for easy removal and inserting of new discs. These look like desktops but they are not; basically no OS and no video. Just a little text screen and a lot of CD burners. [Image Source

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