Tuesday, October 28, 2014

This is what an ATM Card Skimmer looks like

Please click on images to expand. Reddit user Wujubird visited an ATM, and was smart enough to realize that the whole front panel had been replaced with a Skimmer. Basically what a Skimmer does is records your ATM Pin and then can match it to your card number. This information is stored within a chip in the Skimmer. These scammers can later use for fraudulent activities. To protect yourself the next time you use an ATM. Look at the front panel and make sure everything is in place. If there are any cracks anywhere, then there is a problem. The pic above you notice that the place you insert your card is protruding out. This is not normal. The phone jack does not fit properly. Also if you notice anything suspicious about the pad you are about to punch you information on. It's safer to call the bank and not use the ATM. There is a seal on each front section of every ATM machine. Look to make sure there is nothing broken and odd and ends of plastic sticking out. The pics below show you the slot where you insert your card sticking out and not like any normal machine, as seen in the last pic. This skimmer was placed by replacing the whole front panel on this machine. [Source here and Here]

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