Saturday, November 1, 2014

Here's a video of something small from space entering earth's atmosphere

Meteor explosion Milky Way Timelapse from wes eisenhauer on Vimeo.

Redditor wes_eisenhaur was shooting a time-lapse of the milky way, when all of a sudden there is something small that enters earth's atmosphere and then appears to disintegrate into nothing. Other users came to conclusions on what it might have been. Here's a quick breakdown of the suggestions. it could have been a bolide -- which does not have any specific definition but loosely translated means fireball. Another suggestion is that it is a large meteor -- bigger than a typical grain of sand but too small to make it to earth. So it enters out atmosphere, heats up and then pops. Another suggestion is that it might be a bit of space junk, like a part from a rocket or something of that sort. Either way it came form space. So if you are into astronomy and like to gaze at the stars. get your self nice camera and you too could get a nice video of objects falling from space. [Source]

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