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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Play Angry Birds on Facebook now

Launched on Feb 14, Angry Birds officially comes to Facebook. With it comes brand new power-ups and Facebook exclusive levels. The game is so popular that the Facebook page already has well over 15 million Likes. After the game's phenomenal success on SmartPhones, game maker Rovio would now like to tap into Facebook's 800 million members. After its release on Apple's iOS the game app have been downloaded over 700 million times. Now with its launch on Facebook it is sure to hit the 1 billion mark.

Anyone playing the game between now and Feb 16, will receive 14 free power-ups as a special valentine's day gift from the game maker. The Facebook version includes four new power-ups, including "sling scope" (even better targeting), "king sling" (get more power and velocity), "super seeds" (get to supersize your bird and turn it into a 'pig popping giant'), and "birdquake" (shale-up the battlefield and bring down pigs' defenses). Besides the free power-up gifts, players can earn them through game play. With the Facebook app you can compete with your fb pals for high scores. 
Play Angry Birds on Facebook

Check out the trailer for the Facebook version of the game below

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

How to get feathers in Angry Birds

Latest in the news on Angry Birds is that the makers of the game have now announced that it has been downloaded over 500 million times. Which also means the world has played over 200 years of Angry Birds. Now bad for a simple game.


So how do you collect feathers in Angry Birds

To get some achievements you need to have a certain number of feathers. You can collect feathers using the 'Mighty Eagle' and reaching 100 percent destruction. Only one feather can be earned per level. So when playing Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Facebook, this is how to get feathers.


Angry Birds FeathersHow to get feathers in Angry Birds

1. Complete one Angry Birds level

2. Replay that level and select the eagle eye icon next the pause button. Your slingshot will be loaded with a can of sardines

3. Use these sardines to shoot the pigs mocking you. A giant eagle will swoop down and cause destruction. 

4. Continue shooting these sardines until you have achieved 100 percent destruction. You will gain one feather.

5. Collect enough feathers to reach the achievements -- 50 for Feather Picker, 100 for Feather Collector and 200 for Feather Gatherer.


Mighty Eagle will help you skip the toughest obstacles, but there's a limit: you can only use the aid of Mighty Eagle to pass a level once per hour. In other words, when you pass a level with Mighty Eagle, you need to wait an hour to use him again to pass another level.


Is that all? Far from it! Mighty Eagle includes all new gameplay goals and achievements! In each level that you already cleared using the regular birds, you can smash away freely and try to fill up the destruction gauge! If you want to smash your way through every level leaving nothing behind, you have every incentive to do so!

Note: In Angry Birds seasons the might eagle is replaced with the might dragon and instead of feathers you will gain Red koi Fish. To gain more red Koi the same principal applies.