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Monday, December 7, 2009

Audible menus and bigger font for Kindle

Amazon has announced that it will add two new features that would make it's Kindle e-book reader more accessible to blind and vision-impaired suers.

"Monday's announcement comes a month after Syracuse University in Syracuse, N.Y., and the University of Wisconsin-Madison said they would not consider widely deploying the device as an alternative to paper textbooks until Amazon makes it easier for blind students to use. Both universities bought some Kindles to test this fall."

So with it's new feature of Text-To-Speech, Amazon will make it more vision-impaired friendly and stand by it's commitment to improving the device for the visualy challenged.

"The update will be available during the "summer" of 2010 and was prompted by feedback from Amazon users.

"The Kindle will have a read-aloud feature that could be advantageous to blind students and those with other disabilities including dyslexia, but getting to that point is a problem. The turn the Kindle on, users have to navigate through screens of text menu"

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