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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dolphin Browser for Android and iPhone

Dolphin Browser up until now was a third-party mobile browser for Android devices both phones and tablets. Dolphin Browser now comes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Presented by Mobotap this browser has been very popular amount Android based devices. The browser for the iPhone has been built on i OS unlike the browser used for Android devices. So here are the features found in the browser and some of them really set them apart from other browsers.

Dolphin Browser: How does it work and features

1. Webzine - clearly displays web-pages as a series of thumbnail images
2. Gesture - a fun feature to navigate the web. You can move up or down by drawing arrows.
3. Add-ons - over 50 available and include a translator
4. Multi-Touch-Zoom - allows you to pinch the screen and expand or reduce text size. You can also double tap to zoom in and out
5. Tabbed Browsing - Lets you have a desktop experience while browsing. Open as many tabs as you want.
6. SideBar - you can quickly swipe to the tool bar on the right to quickly launch additional features
7. Speed Dial - puts your favorite sites on speed dial
8. Smart Address Bar - auto-completes URLs as you type
9. Bookmark Folder - organize your bookmarks into folders
10. User Agent - Allows you to view full sites on your mobile and switch between Andriod, iPhone and Desktop view
11. Bookmark Import - import bookmarks from your default browser

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