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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amazon Cloud Player access and play your music from anywhere

So what is Amazon Cloud Player and Amazon Cloud Drive how does it work.

With Amazon entering the streaming music business users can now store their music in the cloud and listen to it on the go using a PC or an Android device. This is Amazon's hosted consumer storage device. There are other companies that are also set to enter this arena, but Amazon beat Apple and Google to it. 

To get started all you need to do is to purchase a song or an album from the Amazon MP3 store and click ' Save to your Amazon Cloud drive'. Your music gets saved instantly and and it's also free, since you bought it on Amazon this will not be charged and will not count to your against your storage quote.

next you can click the 'Launch Amazon Cloud Player' and start listening. You can also use the cloud player to search your library, create playlists and download to your computer.

If you want to add music to your cloud player from your PC all you need to do is to click the 'Upload to your cloud drive' button and you can add your favorite music to your cloud player. 

You can also use the cloud player with an Android device by installing the Amazon MP3 App on your phone. After which you will be able to stream music to your device from your cloud player.

So now users don't have to be bothered with how to store music they buy this makes things really simple. Simply purchase and store it in the cloud. All users get 5GB of storage free and 20 GB of storage if they buy an entire album it is $1 / GB after that. 

The Advantages are you can buy music and not be worried about syncing, play on the go, no need to download to every new device you buy, music will always be safe even if something goes wrong with your device, one single place that has all your music that you can access from anywhere.

Cloud drive does not let you store music only but also photos and documents and different kinds of content in addition to tunes. 

Amazon Cloud Drive and Cloud Player works with any PC, Mac or Android device for now. Users of other mobile devices will have to wait a while longer to be able to use the services.

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