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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

How to concentrate on your work and block out social sites that waste your time

Cold Turkey is a web app that will block sites and games that distract you and works on Windows with a Mac version coming soon. So this is really interesting do you find yourself getting distracted too often and you find the guilty culprits are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc. Cold Turkey will let you turn them off for a while and you can complete your work and gain back access to them.

Cold Turkey: How does it work
Cold Turkey works on all Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 with a Mac version coming soon. Once you download the software to your PC you can then begin to specify the time you want a site blocked for. You can select from 10 minutes up to a week. The app has three main tabs, sites, games and custom. Clicking on sites tab you can specify which sites you want block and the time it needs to blocked. Once you select the time for which you do not want access to that site. The app will take care of it. Once a time-frame is selected it cannot be changed. If you suddenly decide you want access to that site. Tough luck, it cannot be done. If you try to hack you way through the time-frame thing you will get a penalty and not be able to access the site for a week. It works on all browsers, so by thinking you can access a site using another browser. You are out of luck. 

Please find below a list of sites that Cold Turkey can block

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube, Hotmail/MSN, Wikipedia, Ebay, CollegeHumor, AddictingGames, Reddit, FailBlog, StumbleUpon. Unlimited sites of your choosing. Warcraft III and more games to come soon. 

Cold Turkey - It is cold and merciless. Might be just what you need. 

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