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Monday, November 28, 2011

Drumo: Helps you find more info through question and answers about Asia Pacific's largest cities

This web app solves the problem when it comes to finding out more real-time information about your favorite cities in Australia and Asia. So the next time before you travel to Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokoya, Hong Kong or Bangkok, Pay Drumo a visit

Drumo: How does it work
The layout and functionality resembles most other question and answer sites - think Quora. The audience however is a whole other thing. There are people who are visiting or going to visit these cites and can post their questions and get answers from locals. There is a wealth of information and knowledge on the site and you can find out which restaurant to go to, which are the best places for nightlife in the city or find out which places in the city are best for people watching. Locals are also benefited as they are able to find out what's happening in the city and join in on the local scene. With Drumo you can find out where the fun is at and what time it is happening. A great place to find out more about your city and fun spots to be at. 

There are also deals to be had on Drumo. Especially if you are a local and living in that city you can now get your local daily deals from Drumo.

There are also Drumo rewards for asking and answering questions. The more points you earn the more badegts you can unlock.

Drumo is an Australian startup with a strong local Aussie presence on the site.

To know more check the video out below

Drumo from Drumo on Vimeo.

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