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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Play Google's Zerg Rush now

Google has another Easter Egg out and it's called 'Zer Rush', taking its name from the real-time game Starcraft. The Zerg race is know to mass produce offensive units in a short span of time. Enabling the player to overpower with the sheer power of numbers creating a 'Rush'. 

So what happens when you type 'Zerg Rush' into
You get the normal answers to this query but as you being to go through the search results little O's start dropping form the top and begin to chew away at your results and eat it right out of the page. The only way for you to prevent this is to use your mouse pointer and destroy the little O's or Zerglings. At the end of the game you can share your scores on Google+. Also once the game is over all the little o's form into two big GG- which is gaming slang for good game. 
Just type 'Zerg Rush' into Google to play around with this Easter Egg.

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