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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Facebook iPhone and iPad App Gets Chat heads and Stickers

The Facebook App for the iPhone and iPad has got a decent upgrade. The visuals for stories on the iPad has been improved and you now have clearer and brighter stories in your News feed. Especially pictures being shared by your friends, which appear on your news feed - looks a lot more interesting and bigger. The two biggest and most noteworthy improvement are 'Chat Heads' and 'Stickers'.

Facebook Chat Heads
The way this works on the app is that - you keep doing what you normally do. When a friend wants to chat all you need to do is to click on the Chat heads icon to reply. Drag them around and flick them down to close. This way you carry on doing what you usually do and simultaneously chat with all your FB pals.

Facebook stickers and chat headsFacebook Stickers.
This is one of those fun features to add life to you fb messages. So when you're chatting all you need to do is to tap on the smiley face to add sticker to your chat. You can also tap on the basket to go to the stickers store. Here you can buy additional stickers to add color to your chat.

To updated version of the app is now available at the app store. Chat Heads and Stickers will roll out over the next couple of weeks.

Source: fb Newsroom. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BandPage the #1 music App on Facebook

BandPage  by Root Music on Facebook now has almost 30 million fans and growing. It is by far the most popular music app on Facebook. So what is BandPage and how does it work. Well for starters fans can login to the App and listen to their favorite music, check out photos, watch videos and buy merchandise. Fans can also look for upcoming shows and share music with friends. Once a track is share on Facebook it can be played straight from the FB Wall or News Feed. 

So how does it work if you are a musician.

You need to go to their FB page and login using the BandPage App using your FB login, you can also login to Once logged in you would already need to have a FB page for your music or your band and that page can be converted into a BandPage. This BandPage will show up on your Facebook profile and your fans can then share your music from there and spread the word across the network. People can share and buy your music right from your Bandpage. 

If you want to find your favorite musician's BandPage simply head over to their profile page on Facebook and a growing number of them have a Bandpage on their profile already. the company that runs and operates BandPage describes it's service like this.

What is BandPage?
Finally Facebook has a home for music! Yup, Seriously. Fans can listen to your music, check out your upcoming shows, photos, follow your Twitter, write on your wall, and read your bio. Upload all your songs to the SoundCloud music player, and Facebook Connect automatically pulls in your photos, bio, band name and more. You can also upload a custom banner and add custom colors. Add a hyperlink to your banner, make your tracks like to listen/download and start building up a mailing list with BandPage Basic. After you’ve uploaded all your content, your fans can explore your music and share it with their friends, who can share it with their friends, spreading the word about your music across the globe.

 BandPage has spots to post show listings and music samples,  and the paid version (which costs $2 a month) adds more customizations, videos, and fan engagement features like "sign up for our mailing list and receive a free download."

BandPage allows bands to create custom Facebook pages

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