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Thursday, August 18, 2011

FoxTab is a 3D tabbed-browsing extension for Firefox

FoxTab is a Firefox add-on that is growing in popularity. with FoxTab you can browse the web using tabs and view it in 3D. You can set top sites which works like speed dial for easy access to your favorite websites. There is also Tab Flipper to easily flip between sites using mouse or keyboard gestures and Recently Closed tabs for opening sites that you have just closed. Gives you an iPad type experience on your screen and you don't need touchscreen.

There are many tab management options to be used and also 6 layouts for you to choose from. With this you can set how your FaxTab looks and if your not happy there is also the option to customize. You can also group websites together with the option 'Grouping' and also filter tabs by name or other parameters with 'Filtering'.

ToxTab supports the following Operating Systems: FoxTab supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.7+), Leopard (10.5.6+) , Snow Leopard (10.6.0+) and Linux distributions including but not limited to Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva and OpenSuse.

Here are a few tips and tricks for mouse gestures

Built-In Mouse Gestures
Hold the right-button pressed and use the mouse scroll – FoxTab will be launched in Flip mode
Click both left and right button (to be precise, hold the left-button pressed, then click on the right button).
FoxTab will be launched in Interactive Mode
Take a look in the FoxTab's options window for other launching methods.
External Mouse Gestures
You can launch FoxTab with FireGestures add-on or Mouse Gestures Redox add-on by mapping the command foxTab.launch() to gesture read about how in these add-ons corresponding documentations
Mac Users: You can use the MultiClutch utility to map trackpad gestures into keyboard shortcuts.
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