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Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to use Facebook to generate revenue and make money

There are many ways too use Facebook to generate revenue. This post will especially be directed to bloggers and site owners and offer a few helpful hints on how to make money using Facebook. Most blog owners and website owners are ad supported. which means the more number of page-views you have the more money you are able to make. The most popular ad platform being Google's AdSense. The more number of people who visit your blog or site means the more probability of people clicking your ads you and making money. There is no point of using AdSense and other ad platforms if you do not have enough traffic to actually benefit from all this. exposure is the key and the more number of people visiting your site means the larger number of clicks you are able to generate.

How to generate traffic to your ad-supported site.
This will benefit you if you have Google keywords generating high click fees. 
1. Set up a Facebook page for your site or blog
2. use the advertising option on Facebook to get a large number of people to click on like your page.
3. Generate content that is relevant and start posting it to your Facebook page
4. People who find it interesting will start clicking these ads and landing on your site
5. Make sure you site has been optimized well with your ads and this leads to a high click-rate
6. Use Facebook's advertising platform with Adword's keyword tool to find interesting and profitable topics.

If you can get it right you stand to make a lot of money using Facebook as a tool. Marketing is the key and the more you work on it the better you get. Online marketers cannot do without Facebook. Remember this is hard and diligent work and will not work as a get rich quick kind of thing. Please share your views and thoughts and if you have other ideas do let us know in the comments section below. 

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