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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Google Flight Search is fast powerful and helps you find cheap flights

Google Flight search has just launched and is available only in the US as of now. Google Flight search is fast an interactive. it let's you play around the find the cheapest flight as well and other fun option. For example if you want to know where $300 will get your from your current city you can do that and get a result of how far you can travel from where you presently are and also the prices of tickets for you to return home. All-in-all a fun application that allows you to get the best deal.

How does Google Flight search work

just go to and type a flight related search. You then see the airplane icon on the left-hand tool bar, click it and start your search or you can simply go to Once you start your search you have a map to guide you and gives you a perspective of your destination. If it is a large city with more than one airport then you can also see the airport name you would like to land in. You can then key in your dates and there is a drag and drop kind of feature to simply pull dates that you want. Instead of typing and then search for a flight. you can use various parameters like non-stop duration, flight and lowest price. It is fast fun and easy and the seems to also be a key part of Google Flight Search it is really fast. 

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