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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keanu Reeves is now one of the hottest search terms on Google

And you might be wondering why, for starters it is his birthday today and he turns 47. The actor was born on  Sept 2, 1964 and people are looking up stuff on Keanu. By the way one of the fun facts that come up about him is that he has the coolest name ever, literally. Since 'Keanu' actually means cool mountain breeze in Hawaiian. Another fact you might now have known about Reeves is that he is very generous, Reeves signed away his back-end deal for the two sequels to the films' special-effects and costume-design teams -- an act of benevolence that cost him many millions. All that is really cool about the star but the coolest thing ever is that the Internet Meme Sad Keanu is about him and is one of the longest standing internet meme's or fads that is solely dedicated to Keanu Reeves. There is also an old Coke commercial that has becoming very famous and the star of the film is Keanu, we have attached the same with this post for you to check out. He was only 16 when the Ad came out. The San Keanu Reeves is still a mystery as to why it mystified the internet audience. You can bet that in some time Happy Birthday Keanu will be trending on Twitter.

Source: Google Trends

The first image that started the trend

Please wish him a happy birthday and cheer him up.

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