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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Artists.MTV will feature profiles maintained by artists

MTV has a brand new feature that is being rolled out slowly and it is being called Artists.MTV. This site will feature artists and they will have to maintain their own space. The reason we are calling it space is because each artist is given their own profile and if you look at their profiles it is like an old MySpace profile. You have Blog Posts, videos, photos, lyrics and more. So with each profile there are whole lot of options to browse and find out more about your favorite artist.

Each profile is generated automatically and it is up to the artist to maintain their profile. Once the profile page is generated there is also the ability to earn money from it for the artists. MTV has partnered with Topspin which will essentially allow artists to sell music, merchandise etc and earn money and fame from their profiles, they can also participate with in-ad revenue and get a share from the ads that are displayed on their profiles. If it would work then this would become a popular destination on the internet to follow and find out more about your favorite musician. There is also a full biography available for person to read through and find out more. There are already over 10,000 artists who have signed-up.  The internet is filled with destinations to follow your favorite musician like Twitter is a one point destination to hear from your favorite artist like Lady Gaga. Artists.MTV will replace current artists pages on and MTV promises to have a ton of information available on each artists like past interviews, performances and original videos. 

It will become like a hub for a musician where you can find out all you want to know, check out all the videos and interviews and also buy music and videos form their profiles directly. Instead of purchasing from iTunes or Amazon. The artists social profiles will also be linked so you can read their tweets on their profiles and see what they are sharing on Facebook or their latest videos on YouTube. Do you see Artists. MTV also becoming a popular destination on the web to follow artists? You can sign-up now for the service and be ready to enter the site later this year (September). Lady Gaga's profile on the service.

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