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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini iPad arriving in 2012 ???

Apple Insider is reporting that a mini iPad could be seen in the market in the early months of 2012. According to sources it is believed that the mini iPad is to rival and take on Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon Kindle Fire is their first foray into the touchscreen tablet market and costs just $199. The rumor that a device somewhere between an iPod and iPad from Apple is not new. This smaller device can come with iPad functionality and sit in the $200 price range. This would make the device much more appealing to a large market segment. We had previously written about a cheap iPhone that could come from Apple. This would ensure that they get into the global prepaid smartphone market which till now is untouched. In countries like India and China the market for a prepaid iPhone would be really high and would give Apple a chance to get into the global smartphone market at a very competitive level. The market till now has been enjoyed by Nokia and BlackBerry.

A mini iPad could do just that becoming a huge hit in the global markets. China especially would have a huge market for such a device, in this price range. The US and Europe could also have big demand for products in this range. 

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