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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Monday, May 13, 2013

Drunk Man Charges Elephant

You know that every now and again you find a video that is bound to make you go 'oh no, you didn't just do that'. This is one of them a couple of guys out in the wild in Africa  Meet this young bull elephant. Urged on by his companions, one of the young drunk men - charges an elephant. The elephant stalls the charge and the man runs back. The elephant does not push home the charge and the man sensing his victory. Gets up and charges the elephant again, this time the elephant runs away and makes good its escape from this insane human being. The video is definitely fun to watch and not to be missed. Even animals are polite when they meet humans who are sloshed.

drunk man charges elephant

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Is it true that Elephants are scared of Bees and Mice and the Bee Rumble

For this post we take a break from the usual Tech writing and do something related to mother earth. Another reason for this posts' inspiration is the constant updates on Reddit in regard to the fact that Elephants are actually scared of Bees. For a long time there has always been an urban legend that 'Elephants are scared of mice'. To debunk this the Myth-busters team over at Discovery actually went to Africa fully prepared to prove it was wrong and just an urban legend. Hiding mice under elephant dung the researches waited, and much to their surprise when elephants discovered the rodents. it stopped them dead in their tracks and even made them turn around. It is actually true elephants are scared of mice. Please don't ask us why.

elephants are scared of the bee rumbleAre elephants scared of Bees?, yes, they are deathly scared of bees. There is even something know as the 'Bee Rumble'. When the sound of a swarm of bees was played close to elephant families. The reaction was instant - the elephants left the place immediately. The reasons' for this is that even though elephants have thick skin there are parts of them that are fragile and soft. A bees sting could cause a lot of pain. Like behind their ears, belly and inside their trunk. Elephants must have some special sound for when they hear bees - Bee Rumble. African bees are also much more aggressive and have a deadlier sting - according to Sciencemag. Research has been conducted only on African elephants. Not sure if the same goes for Asian elephants. Watch the video below of an elephant heard reacting to the Bee Rumble.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cute and Funny Baby Owl Videos

There are many who might not have thought it but baby owls are really cute in fact all owls are not really scary, but are built by nature to optimist their nocturnal habits, and although not frequently seen during the day. Owls have an attraction that is totally different and unique. Baby Owls have all that cuteness in them and these videos will be worth your time and interest.
Baby owl videosReally cute and funny baby owl videos. 

Cute Owl Hunts Invisible Prey

Baby eagle owls at bird sanctuary play tennis

Screech Owls at WildCare

Baby owl clips

Cat brought me an Owl

My barn owl and cat

Baby owls with urbersweet eyes