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Monday, May 10, 2010

Super 8 Launches Viral Trailer, Blog and Game

Super 8 the movie to be launched next summer has a secret trailer as some fans of the movie have put it. They also have a viral website which consists of a game.

When you visit the game site you are show an old age computer the ones you got like in the 70s. There is a countdown happening on the computer that ends sometime at noon on the 15th. This has also got fans super excited. 

There is also a Super 8 News Blog. Things are heating up for the New Sci-Fi film set to release next summer. 

So now the big question is what will happen when the countdown ends. Will we get to see one of the best viral games being launched. With the likes of Steven Spielberg at the help of affairs this is one surprise fans are really waiting for. 

Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams' Super 8 now has fans expecting more

In-Theater trailer of Super 8

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Twitter's Verdict on Iron Man 2

The verdict is out on Twitter with the general consences suggesting that Iron Man 2 is good. With people giving their feedback having just watched the movie. The sequal to Iron Man opened in theates across North America on the 7th. Adjectives used to discribe the movie on Twitter have been wow, good, must see and watch now.

The movie has reportadle pulled in $7.5 million at midnight screenings and set to gross in as much as $140 million to $160 million over the opening weekend.

Below are a few sample tweets from people who watched the movie

sporer: Iron Man 2 was a very solid sequel. I enjoyed it a ton, espec. since it had my favorite actor (RDJ) and actress (Scarlett). Look fwd to 3.

lovelyAlesana: iron man 2? boooooo so LAME!! i love scarlett johansson though
rainysanctuary: iron man 2: not as perfect as the first but robert downey jr can do no wrong... lots of new trailers as well.

NetaRose: iron man 2 was a good movie just wish Terrence Howard was war machine

Anlymation: Iron Man 2 is awesome - RDJ plays a great Tony Stark.

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