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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nightclub City Celebrity Creation Contest allows you to win 1000 Facebook credits

Nightclub city is having a contest for all those virtual DJ's and thrown in is a chance to win 1000 Facebook credits. Now that is quiet a lot of credit and a lot can be got with it and spent on games and other things you might like on Facebook. Please find more details on how to enter and win below in the City Celebrity Creation Contest

Celebrities are one of our favorite features in Nightclub City. Designing the Celebs, choosing their outfits, and creating the pseudo-names is more fun than you can imagine... Until now. We want to share this experience with you guys--and reward you with 1000 Facebook Credits for doing so! The contest starts today and winners will be announced on Monday, August 16th!

The contest is simple. Dress up your avatar to represent your favorite Celebrity, create a name for your creation, and email your submission to contests@booyah.com from the email address associated with your Facebook account.

Our team will pick the 10 best submissions and let YOU guys decide the winner! Voting is subjective, but we place high emphasis on originality and creativity (both on the design and the Name). First place wins 1000 Facebook Credits, 2nd place wins 300, 3rd wins 200 Credits, and the remaining finalists will receive 100 Facebook Credits! In addition to receiving Facebook Credits, the winner's Celebrity will be featured in Nightclub City--forever immortalizing their creation!

Contest submissions begin today (7/30), and run until Wednesday, August 11th. The voting will commence on Thursday August 12th, and will finish Sunday, August 15th. The winners will be revealed on Monday August 16th!

Please read this entire page as it outlines the rules and steps that need to be taken to be eligible for the Contest.

How to submit your Celebrity:

Step 1:

Start by clicking on the dressing room icon.

Step 2:

Once in the Dressing Room, use the customization options to gear up your "Celebrity."

Step 3:

Once your "Celebrity" has the right look, click the camera button.

Step 4:

Hit OK to upload your photo!

Step 5:

After clicking "OK," your avatar will post to your wall. Click on this picture from your profile.

Step 6:

When you arrive at this screen, right click on your picture and click "Save image as". Then save your photo as either a JPEG, or a PNG and email this photo to contests@booyah.com for your chance to win 1000 Facebook Credits!


  • Only one (1) submission per entrant. Multiple entries will disqualify all submissions

  • Celebrity name must follow current standards; ie. No derogatory names and names must not be exact match of any real Celebrity, living or deceased.

  • All Celebrities must be created using the assets available in Nightclub City. Any alterations (Photoshop, etc.) will result in disqualification.

Best of Luck everyone! We're eagerly awaiting your creative submissions.

Party On!

[Via Nightclub City Official Post]

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

How to delete Nightclub City from Facebook

How to delete or remove Nightclub City from Facebook.

There are two things people are worried about. If you simply want to delete notifications coming to your wall from these games you would need to hover over the upper right hand side of the notification when it arrives and the option "Hide" appears. Simply click hide and the notifications will then be stopped.

This was you can continue your game and not get the notifications.

If you want to delete the game from your application settings you would need to do the following

1. Account
2. Privacy Preferences
3. Click on 'edit your settings' under "Apps and Websites"
4. Beside Apps you use please click on 'edit Settings'
5. Click on 'edit' beside Apps you use
5. Click on Nightclub City or the (X) mark beside the App
6. Click on Remove
7. Confirm Remove

By removing the game completely you will now no more be able to play it. So you need to decide if you want to remove the game application completely or simply hide notifications. 

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