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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New York City to get a new fleet of Taxis - Nissan NV200

Nissan has won the contract to supply the city of New York with its next gen taxis. Nissan won the contract over finalists Ford and Karsan and the contract will last for the next ten years, starting late 2013 while all the older taxis will be off the streets by late 2018. The Nissan  NV200 was unveiled on Tuesday ahead of the New York international auto show. The new Taxi comes with  all the bells and whistles and will replace the Fords and Toyota Siennas currently prowling the city.

The new cab will come with features like:

Back seat cell phone and USB ports for charging
Transparent roof panel
Independently controlled rear air-conditioning
Carbon lined head-liner to reduce odor
Anti-bacterial non-stick surfaces
Airbags for rear-seat occupants
Lights to inform taxi doors are being opened
A new horn light to reduce honking.

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