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Monday, February 8, 2010

Apple to cut iPad price.

Yeah that's right Apple is seriously considering cutting the price of the iPad. The launch was good and people were satisfied with the product but the price was too high. Let me explain the iPad is good but seriously lacking some features once the price is dropped it suddenly begins to make more sense.

After all, 16GB iPad for $449 (a $50 cut) is the sort of pricing to which even a jaded tech columnist might succumb.

The iPad is I believe a device from Apple that needs to be sold to every users. It is not supposed to be a device that only some can afford. If that is the case then I believe that this device is a total failure.

It is an internet utility device and when I first heard about the iTablet, iPad, MosesTablet and what not, the feeling I got was this was a device finally coming from Apple that was for the masses. So if a Tech company wants to bring out an iPad like device I feel they need to understand that the subtle message of such a device is that it is for the masses and not for a select few. Apple better understand that. There are many columnist's out there that a debating the price cut. Might be good might be a bad move. But on  one thing most people would agree the price was wrong. Or let me put it like this. 

You do not position such a device adn then put a heavy price tag. The positing is that it is to hold the internet in your hands. Well if that is the case the internet belongs to everyone and therefore everyone should be able to have one. Get it right Apple.

I also things if the price is low enough enough of these devices could be shipped to poorer countries and using for computer education. Since it is so portable and easy to carry with great internet functionality it can be a gift to people living in remote villages.

All in all it is a great device with amazing potential. Get the price right let everyone have one and the Apple magic will begin to happen. I know that Apple wants this but you cannot get it by being greedy and try to make a huge profit.

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