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Friday, August 26, 2011

Quora: How does it work

Quora seems to be built on the idea of Yahoo Answers - which has been replicated by sites like Facebook and LinkedIn having their own Fb Answers and LinkedIn Answers. The simple premise is that it is a forum for people to ask questions and others in the community to answer them. Quora builds up on the strength of its users who post questions and others who answer them.

Quora defines itself as 'A continually improving collection of questions and answers created, edited, and organized by everyone who uses it'. 

The thing about the questions on Quora is that they are constantly being built upon, think Wikipedia. So when a user finds a question he is interested in and finds it has not been worded properly. The user can help define the question in a clearer manner and therefore bring more light to it and in turn better answers. So each question will be answered totally with references and links and Quora hops that each question will be complete in the sense the user will not have to look anywhere else for an answer. It is accumulated knowledge to be shared with everyone around.

Each question on Quora has a set of topics assigned to it to bring about better organization. Topics are also used to show related questions and bring about context to it. You can also follow topics to find related content for your research. You can also follow individual questions. 

Each question and answer has a history related to it and you can find who asked and who answers and who revised. Each person's name and short bio shows up and you can see when relevant questions have been answered by relevant people. So a question relating to HR is best answered by people working and studying in the field of human Resources. 

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