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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

BlackBerry Torch 9800

BlackBerry Torch 9800 is now trending on Twitter. This is the new Smartphones from BlackBerry runs on Blackberry 6 OS. The features include browsing with pinching and zooming allowing you to easily swap between pages. The phone comes with 8 GB memory and enhanced social feeds, making your social experience on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter very fluid. The phone also comes with a 5 MP camera and continuous auto focus. You can either choose the high-level touchscreen or opt for the slide-out QWERTY keyboard or aim for precision with the optical trackpad. 

It was announced on Twitter and BlackBerry Torch 9800 is now trending on Twitter. You can also check out BlackBerry's Twitter account

Check out this first look video of the BlackBerry Torch 9800

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Saturday, July 31, 2010

BlackBerry BlackPad

What is the BlackBerry BlackPad?

Research In Motion (RIM) makers of the popular BalckBerry Smartphone, plan to introduce a new tablet computer similar to the iPad. This according to Bloomberg. The new Blackpad is reported to be similar in size to the iPad, would include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and allow tethering to BlackBerrys. An addition to this new device would be a front facing camera, something not found in the iPad. 

There is no official statement to this effect from the company. So how much truth there is to this story remains to be seen. 

RIM is stepping up its competition with Apple on multiple fronts. The company is hosting an event in New York Aug. 3 at which it will debut its BlackBerry 9800 slider phone, according to one person familiar with its plans. The device will feature a full touchscreen like Apple’s iPhone and a slideout Qwerty keyboard to allow for easy e-mail typing, the person said.

It has also been reported that RIM has taken over the domain 

So if RIM is serious about taking on Apple and Apple type devices will they succeed. Given that Apple now has a cult like following. Apple is looked at like a religion these days with Steve Jobs the prophet leading with his staff and giving the people the Tablet. This Moses type device seems to belong only to the prophet who brought it down to ordinary people. 

To expect people to leave a device that has the Apple logo and buy something else seems even sacrilegious theses days. More than anything else, Steve Jobs and Apple are respected by people because he was thrown out into exile and came back to bring change into people's lives. 

That is not to say that other companies can't succeed. But companies who copy will always be known as such. It is better to bring out something new and different that just imitating. Though it is not wrong. Something new and revolutionary will garner more sales and more good will for the product. 

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

The New Twitter App for BlackBerry Handsets

Research in motion has now created a new Twitter App for BlackBerry handsets. The client has been tested internally by RIM since February and is now available to the public in it's beta version. 

The Client allows BlackBerry users to instantly receive and reply to @ messages in real-time. The layout has also been optimized for smaller screens. Links are automatically shortened and so you do not have to visit and third party site. The App can also run in the background allowing users to continue with their normal surfing activities and keep tabs on their Twitter homepage.

Currently the client has no support for trending topics but RIM hopes to add this in the coming months. 

Oh and users can use their BlackBerry cameras to take pictures and share them via the client.

Here is the list of things you can do with the BlackBerry Client

• Push Notifications for Direct Messages

• Direct Twitter messages are delivered to the users’ BlackBerry application through the use ofBlackBerry® Push technology

• When a direct message is received, the user will be notified with a splat on the Twitterribbon application as well as the home screen icon

• Timeline Support

• Users can view the timeline of the Twitter users they are following, the Tweets posted by the users and the replies to the user

•Following & Followers

•Users can view a list of the Twitter users who they are currently following or who are currently following them

•Tweeting and Re-Tweeting

•Users can post new tweets, delete tweets, re-tweet (forward), reply to tweets (@Replies), and send direct messages

•User can send a tweet to various other options including Facebook®, Email, PIN, SMS, MMS, and BlackBerry® Messenger

•Keyword, User, and Proximity Search

•Keyword Search: search for keywords from within the application, the search results are displayed as a Timeline

•User Search: search for other Twitter users from within the application.

•Proximity Search: Search for tweets within a chosen location

•Tweet Photos

•User can post a photo from within the app, their BlackBerry camera, or media card as part of a new Tweet

•Users can also view photos in the stream

•Trending Topics

•Users can view a list of the top 10 trending topics on Twitter, and they are able to click on a topic to bring up a Timeline

•Profile Editing

• Users can edit their own Twitter profile or change their profile image from the application

• Seamless integration into core BlackBerry Applications

•The application is integrated completely into Media, browser, BlackBerry App World™, and message list

• URL Shortening
•User can tweet or send direct message of websites from the Browser using URL shrinkage (bit.Ly support) 

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